Why invest in Spanish real estate on the Costa del Sol?

Invest in Spanish real estate?

Are you looking for a good investment? We advise you to invest in real estate. Property investments have provided   good returns through stable rental income and long term capital appreciation for centuries. There are   two types of property investments:. commercial real estate and residential real estate. TTS is mainly engaged in residential properties in Spain on Costa del Sol. Of course, in case of good returns we will look into  commercial projects too.

We assist private investors in their search for the most suitable investment properties, arrange the purchases, and offer taking the rental and management matters off your hands. The TTS  real estate consultants are experts in buying, renovating, and selling properties. You've come to the right place for:

  • Finding suitable properties
  • Advice on municipal permits and regulations
  • Renovations, Developing larger projects
  • Professional and efficient management of your investment portfolio

Are you considering buying your first investment property? Or do you already have properties? We help you look for interesting projects and assist you in making the right calculations and decisions, aiming for good returns.

Property investments provide a steady cash flow -. Yyears of passive income source. What you buy should be right. It is about the right decisions and thorough research. We will advise you!

Advantages of investing in real estate

  • Direct and solid returns, from solid rental income and  sale of higher value.
  • Indirect returns, by estimated long-term value. If you invest in residential property, you can take advantage of many tax benefits
  • By inflation your money loses worth, but  brick and mortar keeps its value
  • The mortgage rate is relatively low, so you benefit from leverage

How long does it take before we get return on investment?
This varies by the the project. Together with the investor we will choose the best properties, suitable for each investor.
In general we aim to return the investment within two years. Of course, investors can invest in more projects and create a continuall flow.

Is Spain safe to invest in?
We want our clients to invest safely. We will worry about the legal matters. We ensure that all checks are done, you do not pay too much tax, and licenses are in place.

What cost can I expect when buying a home in Spain?
Depending on the area the transfer tax is between 8% and 13%

Can I use my lawyer or do I need a Spanish one?
You need an independent Spanish lawyer. We can help  you find one and overcome language barriers.

ROI with Spanish Real estate

With a genuine increase of house prices of 6.3% in 2016 and higher valuation of our properties caused by reforming them we aim for an ROI of 5,5 to 6 %.

Tax structuring, fund formation, creation of vehicles and joint ventures, property acquisition, development, financing, leasing, and final exit.

We work with professionals to advise you on private equity real estate funds, banks, family offices, property developers, retailers, and real estate brokers on all aspects of real estate law, including:

  • Real estate investments, including asset and share deals
  • Real estate funds and structuring
  • Real estate funds and SOCIMIs (Spanish real estate investment trusts)
  • Real estate restructuring
  • Development and construction



Invest in Spanish Real estate?

We assist in the process of building projects and property maintenance. We will guide you and give feedback on a monthly basis. We provide a professional way to manage your real estate portfolio.


With more than 9 years of experience on the Costa del Sol we know whom to ask and where to go to find the best locations, companies, and solution for you.

The best return on your investment

We function as a real estate fund and investment brokerage company. with a ´hands on´ philosophy. We make sure that you will get the best return on your investment. Investing in properties in niche locations in a growing market will assure a profitable and safe investment.


Investment projects

We function as a real estate fund and investment brokerage company with a ´hands on´ philosophy for the best ROI possible.

Project management

We assist in the process of building projects and property maintenance. We provide a professional way to manage your real estate portfolio.

Real Estate Spain

We’ll help you find the ideal property and advise you about the area. We are connected to over 2.000 real estate offices.